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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the internet…

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Hello world, Hope you’re well.

I’ve been a tad busy and have ignored the Mathom House for far too long.  It’s been a bit hectic.  The family and I are planning a bit of an adventure and we’re heading North for Christmas.  It’s the first time we’ll have been in a winter Christmas.  Well, Katherine had a few as a very young child but that was a few years ago.

We are heading to the UK ostensibly to deliver Annie to Bristol University, where she will study for six months.  It was as good a reason as any for a family adventure. It is all fast approaching and we are beginning to get excited.

We have people coming to stay in our house.  They have family in Sumner and are coming from Paris for the holidays.  So they’ll have the sun and the beach and we’ll have the chill and the dark evenings.

I’ve been busy as always at work.  It’s been a good year and we’ve had some great achievements.  Lots of travel. At the last count, I have flown 382 292 km and sat for 537 hours on my bum in mid-air.

On the family front, Annie has completed her fourth year at Otago University and Molly, her first. Katie is nearly finished year six.   I like to say of my children that one is doing Law and Politics, one is doing Psychology and one is doing cartwheels.

I’ll be back soon and talk a little more about this year’s travel.  And perhaps some reflections on Alzeihmers, given my recent exposure to it via my beloved aunt.