The modern garage sale…

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We are having a garage sale today.  It is actually part two of this epic adventure as we started last week but a combination of the rain and the fact we didn’t put an advert in the paper meant it was not much of a success.  This week we did put an advert in several papers and I dutifully put up signs all over the neighborhood.

It has so far been a rather poor showing and those that have turned up have cheerfully asked questions such as “are you selling any air rifles?”  – I don’t own any form of rifle air or other wise.

The point (if there has to be for a blog entry) is that I am sitting here in the sun on my lovely MacBook Pro taping away over the wireless and thinking garage sales aren’t what they used to be… no wifi in the old days and no Trade Me to contend with.  Not to worry I’ll just list stuff on Trade Me in the sun : )