It’s Christmas time all over the world…

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As the song goes… so a little Christmas message to all our readers (both of you – “Hi Mum”).

2009 has galloped past at a fare old pace.  As is often the case at this time of the year one looks back and attempts to judge whether enough was achieved.  On the family front Annie has had a wonderful start to her secondary school life.  She has enjoyed Marian College and has been busy with academic and sporting pursuits.  She found time to pursue her jazz dancing and performed in a couple of shows during the year.

Molly also enjoyed being the oldest (and currently only) Hygate girl at Our Lady Star of the Sea.  She has a good bunch of friends and particularly enjoyed being in the DOTS extension group.  We had a school camp to Arthur’s Pass in March which was great fun.  It is a real treat to get to go on camp with your children as you get to see them in unguarded moments with their peers.

Katie is a delight and a real hoot.  She just laps up life at every opportunity.  She is blessed with a wonderful temperament and plays happily away by herself or with her great friend Emme who Katherine looks after twice a week.

My year has been marked by a rather exceptional amount of travel (and this from someone who travels a bit most years).  I have been to South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Bangladesh, Colorado USA, Jakarta and Rarotonga this year.  I have also beaten a path to Auckland and Wellington on a very regular basis.  It is a good thing that I like air travel (and in particular Air New Zealand who just get better and better each year).  Work has been very rewarding and enjoyable in 2009.  A shiny new computer system is being built and will see the light of day in May 2010.

I have been busy in other areas as well, I continue to be active in two international organisations (the Corporate Registers Forum and the International Association of Commercial Administrators).  I was lucky to attend both annual conferences and to catch up with good friends from all over the planet.  I particularly enjoyed the Denver visit as I have a great affection for the United States and feel that the end of the Bush era has lightened the mood there somewhat.

A highlight of the year was a holiday in Rarotonga. We won a competition run by Arnott’s Biscuits and the first prize was $10,000 travel.  We chose a Pacific holiday and enjoyed every minute of it.  Rarotonga is just beautiful. Evidence of the adventure can be found here.

2010 is already shaping up to be interesting.   I shall no doubt set myself some unrealistic goals but will be happy to continue to interact with the many friends and colleagues I have made all over the place.

Have a great holiday season and I look forward to sharing a laugh or two in 2010.