New Zealand is a beautiful country, great for thinking in.

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A few random thoughts from the synaptic pathways…

I am currently with my family in beautiful Lake Wanaka for the first week of the school holidays. It is Katie’s first ever school holidays as she only started school in August. It is also her (and Molly’s) first trip to Wanaka. Annie was here as a two year old, so technically has been here before…

The older girls are currently engrossed in the Australia versus South Africa quarter final of the Rugby World Cup. They are excited about the All Black Argentina game later. Katie is singing away in the bath.

Molly in particular has become an avid follower of the whole Rugby World Cup. I have failed her regularly as she asks me how points are awarded or other rugby related questions. I must confess have used Wikipedia a few times to respond.

We had a lovely first day in Wanaka having arrived yesterday afternoon. It was a beautifully sunny day and we went for a wander to the famous dinosaur-slide park. We enjoyed morning tea (well coffee for me of course) at a café on the lakefront before the compulsory (for Katie) turn on every piece of playground equipment.

This afternoon we went for a more serious wander along the lakeside and along the waterfall track. We had our first barbeque of the season for dinner on the sun-drenched deck at our holiday home.

Wanaka is certainly beautiful and there is some serious real estate here. It always amazes me the wealth that some people must have that they can leave such huge and expensive (holiday) houses empty. I hope they’re all in the IT industry…

The drive South yesterday was uneventful and the roads were surprisingly quiet for the school holidays. Katie coped pretty well until the last half hour when the litany of “are we there yet?” commenced. It could have been worse. We once went to the West Coast with Annie and Molly (a five hour trip) and Molly at the age of two started the same litany as we drove through Redcliffs, the neighbouring suburb. It did turn out that she had chicken-pox at the time but it made for a rather tedious trip.

We are planning a trip to Queenstown in the morning and will head up the Skyline gondolas with Katie and then the older girls are keen for something a bit more exciting such as the Shotover Jet or similar.

Later in the week we’ll give Cinema Paradisio a look (it has a collection of old couches and even a Morris Minor convertible to sit on/in) and there’s also the Puzzling World to explore, thanks to the generosity of a friend.

On Thursday we head to Lake Tekapo for the last two nights of our break. We arrive back in Christchurch on Saturday. I’ll then have a half-day to sort myself out prior to my first work trip in my new role.

I have two weeks in Canada ahead of me. I will visit Regina, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am looking forward to the trip as I will be visiting in a different capacity than the past. I have some very good friends in Canada and will get an opportunity to make some more. I am contemplating doing some unadulterated tourism in the weekend I have in the middle with either a trip to Niagara Falls or Ottawa. I haven’t been to the Falls since 1993 so may head there.

It’s been a busy few weeks starting the new job and it’s nice to have a chance to have some thinking time.

Some morning wanders along the lakefront will be just the ticket to sort myself out.


  1. Another lovely post, thanks. I strongly suggest you have a Parapunt at the top of the Gondola. It’s a once in a lifetime thing in Queenstown and I loved it. The video was awesome. Karen really didn’t want to do it, but to her credit she did it and loved every minute of it.

    Have a great holiday.

  2. It’s an extremely gentle decline. Parapont (punt?) are not parachutes and you will be amazed. With the amount of flying you do, you will be fine. Tell me how it goes.

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