Ahem… A small(ish) confession

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You know that whole giving up the drinking alcohol thing… Well I fell off the wagon. Actually I stepped off and had a beer.

My most recent trip to Canada and the US included several evenings out and meals in restaurants etc and I got rather bored with soda or juice.

Pathetic I know but I just found it easier to have a beer.

Haven’t had any big nights (well there was a rather funny night in Lunenburg Nova Scotia that included lying under a RCMP car but that was more to do with a new audience than alcohol, officer).

I think I’ll give up something I don’t enjoy so much next time…. Maybe shaving, that’s always a pain and I’m sure the ZZ Top look is coming back in vogue.

Apologies to those who hoped for better… I am a mere mortal (hellishly handsome, but a mere mortal) after all.


  1. To err is human Рto forgive  very difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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