And as the odometer of life gets ready to click over to 2013

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Here we are on the last day of 2012. A few words need to be recorded to mark the occasion. 2012 has been a grand year I have decided. Any year that passes and has my wee family intact is a good year, a year that has seen us have lovely adventures and good health is a grand year.

For me personally I have enjoyed my first full year in my new work life. I’ve travelled (a lot) and visited a number of new countries for the first time. Stand out travels include India (the Taj Mahal), Macedonia, Sweden and Norway. My love of Canada has been satiated with return trips to Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia. The United States wisely re-elected my favourite President and I enjoyed several wonderful trips to her shores.

My work has been both interesting and enjoyable, albeit a little of a solo experience in the latter part of the year.

My choices on the whole this year have proven to be sensible, which is an improvement on last year!

I’ve met lots of wonderful people and have enjoyed greatly meeting up with my international friends throughout the year.

Family life has been on the whole, wonderful and my two older, amazing, girls continue to become wonderful, beautiful and intelligent young woman. Katie has been a source of joy throughout the year. Katherine is truly a marvellous mother to her daughters and has created a lovely home for us all.

I lost two wonderful uncles in 2012, I have more grey in my beard but enjoy a tad more wisdom in return.

I’ve enjoyed greatly my travels, my music, my reading, my films and my walking. I have so very much to be thankful for. I drank some coffee and some whiskey in 2012.

I have a bucket list of items to achieve in 2013 – Thanks 2012 and bring on 2013 and all the ups and downs you will inevitably bring with you… it is life after all.

Oh and I sincerely hope that 2013 brings health, happiness and joy to you the reader of these words.