There’s Wisdom in the Words of the Wise

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Went for a walk with Katie (6) this morning. She had asked to join me on one of my morning wanders. I waited several hours for her to wake up (I normally get up at 6:00 for my sojourn). I am very glad I did.

She was delighted when upon waking I reminded her that we were walking this morning. She sprang into life and was ready in minutes.

We headed off around our little holiday village of Mapua and Katie was in full (verbal) swing by the time we got to the gate!

Soon a fellow passed us on his way to work, he was smoking. That elicited a screwed up face from Katie and the observation that “that man was smoking, he’ll end up with ugly feet“. This I took to be a reference to the photos of gangrenous toes that now adorns cigarette packets.

Katie then proceeded to tell me that if I smoked she wouldn’t like me very much. She recalled the fact that I had confessed to having ‘tried’ a cigarette in my youth. I was subjected to a firm interrogation as to why I did such a thing and where. I remarked that I wasn’t sure where it was but I thought it might have been a pub.

This drew the response that “a pub was a holy place“. I have no idea where this idea came from and enquired what she meant. She informed me that Ms Adair (her teacher) had told her that a pub is a holy place. Now I am sure there are many who would consider a pub to be just that. Certainly I have achieved many spiritual highs over a glass of the amber… I might have to have a chat to her teacher when next I see her.

We interrupted our walk at this point for a coffee and a hot chocolate at my wee local holiday coffee spot.

When leaving the cafe Katie remarked that “we should just keep walking, we could walk away from it all
I have no idea what the ‘all’ was she had in mind. But it was a very tempting idea… I’d walk anywhere with this wee person, she’s awesome.

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  1. Out of the moths of babes etc……..great company and not to be missed – to my horror I realise that they grow up so quickly and the innocent charm is sometimes hard to see/remember.x

  2. Wonderfully written, entertaining to read and humorous too! Ms Adair speaking, “Well where to explain- In the Sacrament Strand in RE, we teach the students to identify holy places – “Holy/Holiness means being connected to God” so I encourage the students to pray/karakia (note not play) in any place, Church being the traditional place, home, playground, beach, forest, party place (pub), aeroplane, car, boat etc – whenever/wherever they need to pray to drew strength from God in a moment of need or fear or thankfulness as it is talking and trying to listen to a greatness out there! šŸ™‚

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