Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels

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Well two barrel lock sets actually… I’ll fire the proof reader later.

Knowing as I do how much you really look forward to the latest Land Rover repair and maintenance post; here’s another.  I have successfully fitted two door locks to the magnificent machine.

When I purchased the Landy it had no door locks.  Apparently it’s not uncommon for these ex Army ones not to be fitted with door locks.  I suppose the soldiers take their guns and wallets with them when they leave the vehicle.  I suppose also they rely on the enemy not being dishonest and nicking their vehicles when they’re all asleep in their tents at night.

I’m sadly not so trusting.  I like to be able to leave it parked with a small chance that it’ll be still in the same place when I return to it.

So I fitted some locks.  Another mechanical miracle.  I am becoming quite the mechanic.

There is the small issue of the fact that neither door window can be locked and it’s a canvas topped ute, so you can climb in the back… but one step at a time.

Oh and a friend has suggested a name for the beast.  I’ve not given it one yet.  Josh suggested Landy Calrissian.  I thought it rather clever and may yet adopt it.


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  1. Haha. You have no choice but to become a mechanic if you own a LR. Good luck with the naming. We already have named our LR Pandora. I thought everyone named them Pandora!

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