If it weren’t for your gumboots where would you be?

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I’ve replaced my gumboots.  My last pair started leaking. They were a gift from my sister-in-law for a birthday around 2001.  I remember being delighted at receiving such a useful gift.

We were living in Nayland Street in Sumner at the time and had lots of garden and home renovation projects underway.

I remember a very young Annie and Molly having a wee argument about who would write my name inside each boot.  As was always our way, I asked them to both write in each.  One my first name and one my last.   I always loved seeing that sweet handwriting in my boots.

They served me well (the gumboots) and moved to Wellington and back to several properties in Sumner over the years.  They’ve seen many a project completed.

They’ve been replaced by a new pair of Red Bands.  I will ask Katie to write my name in this pair.

I couldn’t get rid of the old pair without a reminiscence.