Emptying of the Head

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On board flight NZ506 to Auckland on a lovely autumn morning, provides an opportunity for a wee blog entry. Not a lot of structure to the entry but more a collection of random comments.

Incredibly busy time at the moment; I have three significant software releases in the works (all of which are public facing and will either go very well or disastrously). I have two lesser ‘releases’ relating to my international work which are very late in delivery and which I may postpone in order that they are tidy.

I am eight days out from my travel to Mauritius and have done all the preparation for that that I need. In the interim however I have several key meetings, a trip to Auckland (today and tomorrow) and a trip to Wellington next week.

More importantly Annie’s 14th birthday is on Monday and we have several events planned including hosting Annie and 14 of her friends to the movies on Sunday evening, and a family bash (with Annie’s beloved Pizza Hutt) on Monday itself.

We had a nice trip to Orana Park with the girls yesterday. Katie and Molly really enjoy zoos. I have another days annual leave next Wednesday which will probably involve looking after Katie while the older girls and their mother hit the shops.

Throughout all the last few days I have been desperately trying not to succumb to a cold that everyone else has had. There is nothing more annoying than air travel with a cold… will see how we go on that front.

Watched some movie trailers on the Mac recently, looks like some fun movies coming our way. Like the look of Robin Hood (Gladiatoresque), the A-Team and Michael Caine in Harry Brown…

Enjoying reading all the various blog entries about regarding the iPad. It does look very cool and I imagine I will be getting one when they hit Aotearoa.

On the international front I may be called upon to visit Indonesia again this year (I was in Jakarta for the first time last year). I greatly enjoyed Indonesia; it was a very welcoming place. The visit in 2009 was to participate in a World Bank workshop and I was there with a number of colleagues from around the globe. This proposed visit would be just me and a consultant I have yet to meet, a very different dynamic I suspect.