And here we are at the end of all things…

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…well things 2011 at least.

I’ve exhausted my commentary on the year that was. So a brief summary is all that is left to be recorded. It had some lovely bits and some really awful bits. Anyone who follows Cantabrians on Facebook will see the general consensus amongst their postings is that 2011 was an awful year.

If you’ve never lived through major earthquakes, you’re lucky and keep it that way. There’s nothing really to be said in support of them.

Sure there’s the adrenalin rush, the sense of survival, the wonderful sense of community and caring for one another in a new way. There’s the refocusing of the mind on the things that matter, the lessening of interest in material (and breakable) things the newfound desire to fit more into our mortal lives…

But to be honest I’d have been happy to have just kept with the droll status quo rather than panicked about where my kids were, watched my wife suffer through anxiety and my kids loose their confidence and routines. Selfish of me I know.

Of 2012 not a lot is known. I have plans for travel to India for the first time. I expect I’ll be in Canada a couple of times along with at least one trip to the US. I would dearly like to get back to the UK again as I do so enjoy my trips there and the deep sense of connection I have to that lovely crowded Island. I shall throw myself into my work with gusto, it’s an exciting time for Foster Moore and I know we’ll do great things.

Molly starts her high school years at Rangi Ruru in late January. Annie will head off to the relocated Marian for her year 12 and Katie will be the oldest Hygate at Star of the Sea she tells me.

I am in the mood to throw some stuff out. My garage is full of junk and my loft doubly so. Less is more in 2012. Holding on to stuff is just pointless and it’s time to have a good clear out. This is equally true of old ideas, hopes and behaviours.

To those who have been kind to me this year, thank you.

To those to whom I have been less than kind I am sorry.

I truly hope that 2012 is kind to us all.

Have a Happy New Year one and all.

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  1. I hope 2012 is a great year for you. The residents of ChCh really need a reprieve from the events of the past year. All the best, see you on the other side of midnight 🙂

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