Well I’ve survived another extended family holiday…

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Always something to be celebrated really.

It wasn’t helped much by the very unseasonal weather. It’s easier to hide in the sun behind a book than in the corner of a noisy room full of kids, and in laws.

I got a few walks in. But not of the length I’d have liked given my ‘gammy’ foot. Suspect it’s an old war wound flaring up. Will toddle off and see the quack when he returns from his Christmas break. I keep telling the kid’s it’ll likely need to come off and I’ll need to change my name to Blackbeard. Katie seemed pretty philosophical about having a pirate for a dad.

I read about the latest swarm of earthquakes that had rattled Christchurch overnight. A few people were expressing sentiments of guilt on Facebook for not having been there (from their various holiday locations). I could understand this as they presumably had family there. I on the other hand had my family with me and felt relieved not to have been in Sumner. I am firmly of the view that any you miss are good ones.

I would like to miss many more. It is a curious phenomenon that some Christchurch residents inherently criticize others in words or tone for not having been in the city for the Boxing Day quake 2010, or the February 22nd or the June 13 or whatever (there are a fare few to choose from). My view is that there are no prizes for having gone through them all… and as I say any that you miss are good ones.

And so I am now home in Sumner. I head off to Auckland for the balance of the week tomorrow. It’ll see the first flight of 2012.

Lots to do… Looking forward to staying on Waiheke with Woody, Anna and their collection on Thursday. Might get a movie in tomorrow night…

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  1. As for movies; I recommend ‘The Iron Lady’. We saw it the other day. It’s very well done. Occasionally, I thought Meryl Streep was actually Margaret Thatcher!

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