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Well actually not so much different but new. I am leaving full time employment with Foster Moore. After two very enjoyable years with the team there I am returning to public service. I have accepted a role with the Ministry of Justice based in Christchurch.

I will be working on the rebuilding of Christchurch and on the rejuvenation of my earthquake damaged home city. I am excited at the opportunity to contribute to Christchurch and to apply my skills (whatever they might be) to innovative service delivery within Canterbury to the Justice Sector.

I’ll be involved in a bit of this , this and a bit of this and some other interesting things as well.

In some respects it feels like coming home. My first public service role was with the Companies Office who were at that time part of the Department of Justice.

I shall miss my colleagues at Foster Moore and all the wonderful registry people I have had the privilege of meeting across the globe.

I will enjoy popping my passport away for a while (I will not miss US domestic air travel one bit). I have been very lucky to have seen so much of the world. I want to see more of it but wish to do so with my family by my side.

I am looking forward to spending a few more weekends at home with Katherine and my girls. I hope they’re looking forward to that also! I shall particularly enjoy working in an office once more. These last two years have proven demonstrably that I am ill suited to working from home.

I shall dig out my suits and ties, polish the shoes and head off to do my bit for a better future for Christchurch. I take up my new life from mid October.

I am a registry geek and will of course stay in contact with happenings in that world.  Some registry consulting may also be on the agenda.

I will still bore anyone silly enough to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or this blog. The observations will not be from such exotic places and will by necessity be non-political but they will be my observations of life nonetheless.

Change is the only constant in the universe.



  1. Good for you Justin – you do have a soul I knew it!!!!!!Don’t forget to incorporate some interesting suburbs i.e. Rising Bollards. Good luck in this new life (or old restored one) x

  2. Congratulations on a splendid decision. I’m sure you’ll do your usual exemplary job. (Put a good word in for cycling in Christchurch, then you’ll really be in my good books!)

  3. Welcome home Justin! What an exciting venture! Can I put in a request for the new precinct please…..more locker room and more ladies loos (don’t ask)!! Thanks 🙂

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