Foster Moore – The Sequel

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And it’s official, I’m heading back to Foster Moore – The Registry People.   I hope (and expect) it’ll be like The Godfather 2 a really good sequel.   I’ve been away for about ten months.

While I’ve enjoyed my time at the Ministry of Justice the lure of all things registry was too much.  I’ve missed the registry world and I’m keen to jump back in.

I am hoping to be able to keep ‘my hand in’ the interesting work of the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct albeit in a greatly reduced capacity, time wise.

I start back with the Foster Moore family on 11 July and head away to North America pretty much straight away.  There’s lots to do and I am delighted to be part of the team doing it once again.

The bad news for you the reader is that there’s likely to be more rambling from overseas airports, hotels and the occasional conference to clog up this blog.  If you think that’s bad, however, spare a thought for the poor sods who have to suffer my airline selfies on Instagram.

Onward and upward.


  1. Well, I am certainly looking forward to your ramblings. If we can’t travel ourselves, will be nice to live vicariously through you.

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