Just testing to see if this thing still works.

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Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

My contributions to this blog have been woeful in recent months. In fact if I look back on my efforts here over the last year I wonder why I pay to have the thing at all.

Any regular visitor could be forgiven for thinking I’ve given up or have been incarcerated in a place devoid of Internet or that I have taken a vow of silence (many I am sure wish I would take such a vow).

I am here, however. Very much alive and kicking.

I’ve been a little busy with the day-to-day adventures of life in 2014. My last entry referred to my return to Foster Moore as a consultant. The role requires me to be here-there-and-everywhere a fair bit of the time.

It’s a great job, which allows me to spend time visiting companies registries in various parts of the world. I meet with the personnel in those registries and learn their needs in terms of the technologies they currently use (and of course encourage them to use Foster Moore’s rather wonderful solution instead).

In the time I’ve been back with Foster Moore I’ve visited Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (several times), Manila – The Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Ontario), United States (Baltimore, Denver, Bismarck, Columbus) and Sydney – Australia.  I’ve settled right back in to the rhythm of travel. I have my travel kit, my noise cancelling headphones my little rituals of pre-boarding… all the OCD behaviours of someone who does this stuff a bit.

I’ve also been enjoying the progress visible around my home city, Christchurch. The rebuild of the city is well and truly underway. The infrastructure repair of roads and bridges along with the construction of new buildings is all gaining momentum. The city is beginning to look better in more and more places. It is very heartening.  Of course I am watching the construction of the Justice and Emergency Services Precinct with even more interest.

I’ve popped my passport away for a few weeks and am looking forward to the holiday season with my lovely family.  We are very lucky to live near the Pacific Ocean in our beloved Sumner.  We get to wander the beach and recharge the batteries for a few weeks before the adventures of 2015 commence.

More ramblings may occur as the brain unwinds over the next week.  In the meantime, happy holidays for those who have them at this time of the year.

How I saw much of 2014…